Audio Recordings & Minutes

As a public body Frontier Telenet is required by Oregon law to maintain and make available to the public an official record of events that transpire at all meetings of Frontier’s Board of Directors. To provide the most accurate record possible, the Frontier Board adopted a policy designating the audio recording of each meeting as its official record, and makes those recordings available to the public via this website or upon request. In addition, Frontier also provides written minutes to serve as a convenient reference for the public.

Audio Recordings & Minutes

2020-06-24 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2020-06-11 Budget Committee Meeting  Minutes

2020-04-15 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2020-01-29 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2019-12-09 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2019-10-23 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2019-07-24 Board Meeting Audio

2019-06-26 Board Meeting Audio

2019-06-12 Budget Hearing

2019-05-23 Board Meeting Audio

2019-05-23 Budget Committee Meeting Audio

2019-04-24 Board Meeting Audio

2019-03-25 Board Meeting Audio

2019-03-01 Board Meeting Audio

2019-02-15 Board Work Session Audio
Part One (02-15-2019)
Part Two (02-15-2019)

2019-01-25 Board Meeting Audio

2019-01-22 Board Work Session Audio
Part One: Agenda Items 1-2
Part Two: Agenda Items 4-5

2019-01-16 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2019-01-11 Board Meeting Audio  Minutes

2018-12-21 Board Meeting Minutes

2018-11-28 Board Meeting Minutes

2018-10-16 Board Meeting Minutes

2018-08-17 Board Meeting Minutes

2018-07-20 Board Meeting Minutes

FY 2017-2018 Board Meeting Minutes

FY 2016-2017 Board Meeting Minutes

FY 2015-2016 Board Meeting Minutes