Frontier Regional 911 Agency

Special Board Meeting – Minutes

May 2, 2017 – 1:00 p.m.

Gilliam County Courthouse – Courtroom

Present:  Steve Shaffer, Lynn Morley, Chris Humphreys, Gary Bettencourt

Present by Video:  Mike Ahern, Jim Adkins

Present by Phone:  Brad Lohrey, Joe Dabulskis

Guests Present:  Chief Smith and Sergeant Rivera, Burns Paiute Tribal; April Stream and Renee Heidy, Frontier Regional Dispatch; Todd Cox and Steve Wynne, Day Wireless; Shannon Coppock, Gilliam Co. Fire Services; Brenda Potter, Wheeler Co. Staff; Dale Scobert, City of Condon PD; Mike Smith, Frontier TelNet; Chris Fitzsimmons, Staff.

Guests Present by Video:  Jeff Rasmussen, Jefferson Co.

Chris Humphreys, Chair for Frontier Regional called meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.

Discussion on Burns Paiute Tribe Joining Frontier Regional Dispatch:

Chairman Chris Humphreys read Les Ruark’s email letter into the meeting.  Letter Attached

Mike Smith provided a brief background and costs associated with having Burns Paiute join Frontier Regional.  Attached Informational Sheet

Burns Paiute Tribe’s dispatch is currently with Harney County.  The Tribe pays $25,000 a year for their services.  They are unhappy with the service they are receiving.  Some problems are calls not getting answered and not getting any statistical information.  The Tribe currently has 3 active officers with approximately 349 residents in 200 homes located on 700 acres.  The Tribe has approximately 100 initiated calls per year.  April does not think there would be any impact on the Dispatch Center.

Jim Adkins asked what the advantage is for the Tribe to come to our facility.  Brad Lohrey stated it helps with establishing ties to the Harney County area.  It puts another tool in our toolbox with a Tribe joining our Dispatch.

Gary Bettencourt would like to see a conversation with Harney County to see how their past relationship has been with the Tribe.

Chris Humphreys discussed the steps in moving forward.  Mike Smith stated that board has done what was needed to move forward.

Steve Shaffer asked Day Wireless what is needs to be done with the infrastructure to add the Tribe.  Steve Wynne responded by saying that there is infrastructure that would need to be added at the Dispatch Center.  Approximately $56,000 to cover the costs. Frontier TelNet does not have any microwave into Burns but Wind Wave does.  Burns Paiute owns their own microwave site and are in the process of upgrading their radio system at this time.

Chief Burns stated he has met with Judge Reynolds from Harney County explaining their issues and told him the Tribe is talking to Frontier Regional Dispatch.

Gary Bettencourt moved and Lynn Morley seconded to allow 3 years with no service fee to Burns Paiute Tribe to join Frontier Regional Dispatch.   After further discussion, the motion was withdrawn.

Chief Smith stated that the Tribe can pay the $60,325 up front for connection costs.

Gary Bettencourt moved and Steve Shaffer seconded to forward the proposal (attached) presented by Mike Smith from Frontier TelNet, to legal counsel with oversight from Frontier Regional’s Chair and Manager with work from the Tribe’s attorney as well.  Final approval of the board will come when the proposal is presented by legal counsel.  All in Favor.  Motion Approved.

911 Funding:

Steve Shaffer asked Manager April Stream what is happening with the 911 funding formula.  April stated there is a working committee being created to evaluate the 911 funding formula.  They are wanting a different disbursement plan.  They do not like the flat based rates.  The smaller counties need the flat based rate.  Have talked about looking at each dispatch’s call volume as well.

Meeting adjourned 2:30 p.m.


Chris Humphreys, Chairman

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