Frontier Digital Network

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda and Notice

Jeanne Burch Building

Fossil, Or.

1.0 Call to Order & Director Roll Call Gary, Steve, Mike, Day WL, Jeanne, Ryan, Lynn, Will, Rob Motorola, Rob Myers, Pat, Tom Wolf, Laurie Anderson, Jack

Lyon, Rob Ordway.

2.0 Public Input/Comment

3.0 Directors’ Changes or Additions to the Agenda

4.0 Minutes Review and Approval Lynn, Gary, Motion Carried

5.0 Financials Review and Approval Moved by Gary, seconded by Lynn. Motion Carried

6.0 Public Hearing on FDN / FTN merger ordinance Opened Public Hearing at 9:55. Will Carey explained that the Ordinance is to transfer all assets, obligation

from FDN to FTN and dissolving FDN. Mike Smith one correspondence to have details mailed.

7.0 Closed Hearing at 10 AM

8.0 Judge Shaw. Support merging since partner

9.0 Regular Meeting open at 10:02.

10.0 Moved by Lynn, seconded by Gary to approve agreement to merge all obligations and assets to FTN and dissolving. Motion carried.

Correspondence: Gary, Lynn. Motion carried.

11.0 Other items for the good of the order

12.0 Public Input/Comment

13.0 Adjournment 10:02.

The Frontier Digital Network board reserves the right at its sole discretion to enter into Executive Session under ORS 192.660 (a), (g), (j), (n), (D).

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