Frontier TeleNet

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda and Notice

Gilliam County Courthouse

Lower Conference Room

Condon, Or.

1.0 Call To Order & Director Roll Call-10:03

2.0 Attending: Steve, Gary, Lynn, Will, Rob, Day x 3, Mike, Jeanne, Mac, Lori Anderson, Columbia Basin.

3.0 Public Input/Comment

4.0 Directors’ Changes or Additions to the Agenda

5.0 Minutes Review and Approval -Correction on Minutes-Spensor. Moved by Gary, seconded by Lynn. Motion carried.

6.0 Financials Review and Approval-Moved by Lynn, Gary. Motion carried

7.0 Cottonwood Tower update-Permit is in place. Still waiting for Region 43 to send license paper that has been approved. Motorola in production. Within the budget. Lease will be in place. Cell phone company showing some interest. State Parks planning on breaking ground soon.


9.0 Day Wireless FTN / FDN contract merge. Update of the FTN/FDN Merge. Handout and legal counsel will review. Will be dealt with at next meeting after legal counsel review.

10.0 Wheeler County Wireless Memorandum of agreement . Will Carey 3.2 , Section A and Section B and C. disbursement of funds. Certain requirements of when the funds can be disbursed. Wheeler County is required to pay Day Wireless direct. Language will be changed to agree with the State of Oregon Grant to Wheeler County. Two changes need to be : 3.2 B. Stayes as is. C. Ok until second line County. Moved by Gary to accept the in agreement to approve with corrections. Steve. Motion Carried. Lynn Morley abstained due to conflict of interest. Authorized to run supplemental budget of 2 Million.

11.0 AOC assistance update: Steve has not met with Greg Wolf. When Steve Shaffer last saw him he was going to meet with founders of Frontier TeleNet. Report should be available by November meeting.

12.0 FTN Website update: Mike Smith met with Matt. Preferences on the email address. Can be .com, .net.og. Lynn likes .com. Consensus it will .com. Discussion on logo. Color choice red, white and blue. A one page description of What Is Frontier TeleNet handed out.


14.0 Sherman County Fiber Optic RFP for Wasco to Rufus update. Mike reported on meeting which Century-tel Link attended. Century-link stated they are updating their equipment. Working with State of Oregon on authorizing the dollars. Sherman County Broadband Improvement. Very Optimistic

15.0 Frontier 911 Burns Tribe update: Steve Wynne, reported that DW will be having conference with Motorola. Will have a contract to sign. Contract will be brought back to board. Steve asked about the Harney County system. Todd reported he had attended their meetings.

16.0 Other items for the good of the order-Gilliam County Project report. Everyone working together on fiber build project for the area.

17.0 Public Input/Comment

18.0 Next Meeting November 3, 2017.-Fossil at 10AM.


20.0 Adjournment 11:35.

The Frontier TeleNet board reserves the right at its sole discretion to enter into Executive Session under ORS 192.660 (a), (g), (j), (n)(D).

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