North Central ESD

135 S. Main Street,  Condon, Oregon

1.0 Call to Order & Director Roll Call 2

2.0 Public Input/Comment

3.0 Sheriff Lohrey-Frontier Digital/Frontier Telenet concerned about inaccurate press. Feels need to get together and work on a rebuttal add. Bring in substantial funds of at least ½ million. System is not mismanaged. Steve Shaffer also discussed the problem of getting the proper information out to the public.

4.0 Directors’ Changes or Additions to the Agenda

5.0 Minutes

5.1 Review and Approval

5.2 Lyn Moved, Steve Motion carried.

6.0 Financials

6.1 Review and Approval

6.2 Lynn.Steve. Motion Carried

7.0 Discussion/Possible Action Item SIEC Grant

Supplemental Budget
Moved by Lynn approve as presented by Budget Committee and Adopt Budget. Motion carried.

8.0 Other – Steve asked Steve Wynn how close are we to getting the SIEC Project being complete. Steve Wynn very close. Discussed the logistic on hooking up to the State system. Some work still to be done in Wheeler County with mobile repeater. Possibility of excess funds available from State. Ideas of what funds could be used for Possibility repeaters. Mike Smith will check with State and see what funds might be used for. 700 Tower on Keys Mountain needed.


10.0 Public Input/Comment

11.0 Next Meeting

12.0 Adjournment: 2:50

The Frontier Digital Network board reserves the right at its sole discretion to enter into Executive Session under ORS 192.660 (a), (g), (j), (n)(D).

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