JANUARY 25, 2017



The regular meeting of the Frontier Telenet Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman Judge Steve Shaffer at 2 P.M.  This meeting held in the large meeting room of the Jeanne E. Burch Building, 401 Main Street, Fossil, Oregon.

Directors Present:  Judge Steve Shaffer, Judge Gary Thompson and Judge N. Lynn Morley.

Also Present:  Joe Dabulskis, Tom McCoy, Mike McArthur, Mike Smith, Mac Stinchfield, Kathryn Greiner, Kathleen Cathy, Les Ruark, Ryan LeBlanc, Rob Myers, Ken Gross, Rachel Weinstein, and Jeanne Burch,

Public Input or Comment:  None

Directors Changes to the Agenda:  Gary Thompson asked that Mike Smith give an update on marketing and this be added to the agenda.

Minutes:  Minutes of December 20, 2016 Frontier Telenet Board of Directors meeting reviewed.  Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve minutes as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Financial Report:  Financial Report for the month of December, 2016 reviewed. Gary Thompson inquired if we have a lease on Goldendale site.  Rob Myers answered, no, not at this time.  Moved by Lynn Morley, seconded by Gary Thompson to approve financials as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Marketing Report:  Mike Smith reported that he is working with four different customers in Sherman County that wish to connect to Frontier Telenet.  There is a need to discuss non-reoccurring costs and a discussion with the Sherman County Court.  Meeting with Arlington Co-OP TV was a success as they were able to find out how to upgrade their site at Slatt.  Arlington TV requested that Windwave does the update and the Arlington Co-Op requested that Frontier Telenet contract with Windwave and the Arlington TV Co-Op will deal directly with Frontier TeleNet on the cost of the project.  Arlington TV Co-Op will pay for this construction cost directly to Frontier Telenet in one payment.  Mike Smith and Rob Myers will work on the details of this project.  A question from the audience on acronyms used during this presentation.  Mike Smith replied that NRC=Non Recurring Costs.  MRC=Monthly Recurring Costs.  Mike also reported that he has a meeting with Lightspeed, Gorge Net and Centurylink.  The initial meeting canceled and this meeting will now occur on February 10, 2017.  All contracts will go through legal counsel before signing.

Old Business:

SIEC Grant:  Mike Smith gave the background on the SEIC Grant and Jeanne Burch explained how money could be loaned to Frontier Digital to pay the incoming invoices on this project.  Since this is a reimbursement grant, it is necessary for Frontier Telenet to loan Frontier Digital Network funds to pay the costs before reimbursement received from the State of Oregon. Moved by Lynn Morley, seconded by Gary Thompson to approve loaning Frontier Digital Network $265,465.00 to be used for the SIEC Project.  Motion Carried with all present voting aye.

Core Network Project:  Ryan LeBlanc reported that tower work is at a standstill because of weather.  Black Butte link toward Condon is up and running.  New switches are up and running on the Black Butte, Condon, Airbase link.  Work still needed on the Kent Elevator and the project is half way complete.

RFP/RFQ:  Gary Thompson asked for an update on the Frontier TeleNet RFP/RFQ.  Rob Myers replied there is only one response.  Rob stated some details need to be updated.  There was a discussion about re-advertising the RFP.  Mac Stinchfield, Times Journal, noted that there was a motion at the last meeting for Rob Myers to advertise the RFP with updates.  This vote passed.  Rob Myers will work with Judge Thompson to re-advertise the RFP with updates.

Public Input/Comment:

Les Ruark commented that in the correct parliamentary procedure, if a motion is brought to the table it should be added to the agenda.  Mike McArthur of Association Oregon Counties, replied that this is the proper procedure.

Kathryn Greiner inquired if the withdrawal of the North Central Education District from Frontier TeleNet had been sent to legal counsel.  She also asked if North Central ESD is still a member of Frontier Telenet.  Steve Shaffer replied that yes it had been forwarded to legal counsel, but they have been busy with other items, and not dealt with this yet.  Steve Shaffer also replied that North Central ESD is not a member of Frontier Telenet.

Kathryn Greiner asked Lynn Morley if Wheeler County had received their money from the State of Oregon.  Lynn Morley replied that paperwork completed and that money is secure.  Kathryn Greiner also asked if Wheeler County was going aerial.  Lynn Morley replied that Wheeler County is still looking at options.

Rachel Weinstein:  Inquired if Frontier Telenet or Wheeler County had looked into a USDA Grant for the project.  Deadline is March 13, 2017 and Mike Smith reported he would look into this.

Les Ruark:  Inquired about the status of consolidating of Frontier Telenet and Frontier Digital under one ORS 190.  Rob Myers replied that Legal Counsel, Will Carey, is still working on this and has not provided an answer.

Kathleen Cathy from Senator Wyden’s office stated that USDA representative would be happy to meet with Frontier Telenet at any time.

Next Meeting:  Not set at this time.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 3:11 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted:

Jeanne E. Burch

Frontier Telenet Staff

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