OCTOBER 17, 2016


The regular meeting of the Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman, Judge Steve Shaffer at 2:10 PM.  This meeting held in the conference room of the Condon Fire Department in Condon, Oregon.

Directors Present:  Judge Steve Shaffer, Judge Gary Thompson, Judge Gary Thompson, Judge Lynn Morley and North Central Education District Superintendent Robert Waltenburg.

Also Present:  Rachel Weinstein, Mac Stinchfield, Kathryn Greiner, Nate Stice, Scott Farley, Mike Smith, Ryan LeBlanc, Todd Cox, Ken Gross, Mike Weimar, Rob Myers and Jeanne Burch.

Judge Shaffer welcomed Scott Farley and Nate Stice, Coordinators, representing the Office of Governor, Regional Solutions, to the meeting.  Judge Shaffer also welcomed Todd Cox of Day Wireless.

Public Input:  None

Directors Changes to Agenda:  None

Minutes:  Minutes from September 28, 2016 regular meeting and October 10, 2016 special meeting reviewed.  Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve minutes as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Financial Report:  Jeanne Burch gave up to date financial report to directors.  Move by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve financial report as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

City of Condon RFP update.: Kathryn Greiner gave an update on the City of Condon RFP.  Kathryn reported there had been several replies and hopefully they will all be in before the City of Condon Council meets.  Rob Myers also reported that he communicated with Kathryn Greiner on City of Condon questions but had not heard back.

Status Update Frontier TeleNet RFQ #816 and RFQ #817:  Rob Myers reported there have three replies to the RFQs.  Rob also hoped there would be more since each RFQ deadline is November 5, 2016.

Cottonwood Park Site Development Update:  Mike Smith reported progress on the Cottonwood Park Project.  Permits are being processed and there are opportunities to make communications into Wheeler County work better.  Mike hopes to get it all taken care of before the SIEC Committee Meeting.  Gary Thompson asked how the communication hut will be constructed due to the terrain.  Location of the equipment storage also discussed.  Ryan LeBlanc asked if Day Wireless would be doing the civil work?  Rob Myers said Frontier TeleNet would need a quote from Day Wireless regarding the civil work.  Ryan also reported that Motorola had given him a firm quote on the radio updates.  Ryan clarified that this is the 700 radio system update.  Radio project will be Frontier Digital Network project and civil work will be Frontier TeleNet project.  Steve Shaffer also noted that it would be necessary to communicate with Oregon State Parks regarding equipment they will need for this project.  This project is also crucial for emergency services to park location.

Executive Marketing Position:  Steve Shaffer opened the dialog regarding the Executive Marketing Position.  Robert Waltenburg asked if the remuneration in the proposed contract was high or low.  Robert Waltenburg also asked if the payment in the proposed contract was all inclusive.  Steve Shaffer answered that proposed remuneration was low on the open market and in other areas this position would command a significant amount per year.  Also, Robert Waltenburgs question regarding all-inclusive answered in item “A” in the scope of work.  It is all inclusive.  Steve Shaffer read the proposed Scope of Work that is attached to the contract.  Gary Thompson asked how results will be measured? Gary Thompson suggested that one measure might be to see what funds are generated for Frontier TeleNet.  Gary also suggested a bonus plan for increased sales.  Steve Shaffer pointed out that much of last year has been devoted to improving region-wide emergency management system and this is an opportunity for Frontier TeleNet.  Steve Shaffer also mentioned that Mike Smith has spent much time promoting Frontier TeleNet projects and interests.  Moved by Lynn Morley, seconded by Robert Waltenburg to approve a contract, starting November 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017,  with Michael Smith DBA Connections LLC , with a monthly amount of $6,250.00 and the understanding that contract will be revisited in May, 2017 and that $52,000.00 in additional revenue has been generated for Frontier TeleNet.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Sherman County Fiber Project:  Mike Smith reported that the Grass Valley portion would be completed by November 1, 2016.  Mike Smith reported there might be partnership opportunity with Light Speed Network.  Gary Thompson and Mike Smith both agreed that educational needs are critical to area students.  Most of the homework assignments are online and that can be a hardship if there is not sufficient bandwidth to reach these students.  Increased capacity in the rural area is critical.

Other:  Ryan LeBlanc gave an update on microwave improvements.  Dishes have arrived and equipment will be tested in the Day Wireless shop and out on the towers later this month.

Steve Shaffer reported on the Association of Oregon Counties District 3 meeting which was held before this meeting.  Steve will represent the east side of Oregon for emergency management.  Steve said that communication will be vital to this project.

Rob Myers reported that he has an idea that will save Frontier TeleNet a significant amount of money and he will discuss this with the Directors.

Kathryn Greiner asked when the Frontier TeleNet RFP will be issued.  Rob Myers and Steve Shaffer replied that the First of December is anticipated.

Kathryn Greiner inquired if Rural Technology Group (RTG) service in Sherman County is running better now that the fiber has been installed. Mike Smith and Ryan LeBlanc stated that service is better but there are still some problems.  They have been working to identify the problems and hope by solving these it will make other projects go smoother.

Public Input/Comment:  None

Next Meeting:  The next meeting for Frontier Digital Network and Frontier TeleNet will be held November 10, 2017 at the North Central ESD in Condon, Oregon.  Frontier Digital Network meeting will start at 4 PM and Frontier TeleNet meeting will start at 5 PM.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 3:20 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted:

Jeanne E. Burch

Frontier TeleNet Staff

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